Welcome To Social Gaming

    Welcome to Social Gaming. We are a gaming website out of South Florida that features all new things about gaming. We are a new company that has just started this year so we are still making progression to our website. Our experts are always looking for new topics that we can feature and new things that can be discussed here.  They are an experienced company that have been up for about 1 a year and a half now and have many very skilled staff members that have a high IQ in Technology. They believed that we had a lot of potential and thought that one day we can be a top notch gaming company. Here at Social Gaming we try to offer things for our viewers to participate in like our Call Of Duty clan on PlayStation 3. The clan is named POPS Clan and we are now accepting all members. We really want you guys to join and interact with some of our team. I hope you enjoy our website.  Ple Have fun!

Social Gaming,

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