The Call of Duty company has realsed their ***new*** map pack uprising.

Including Magma Multiplayer map Verdigo multiplayer map Encore multiplayer map Studio multiplayer map that has some of multiplayer maps like firing range and more


Infamous:Second Son


Whats Up infamous fans sony is now going to be realesing PS4 ( Playstation 4 ) and along that infamous second son will be coming out!

The game seems pretty good as far as the trailers and other things. I would suggest that you get in a bundle with the PS4. It would be alot better. 

Here is the trailer


Playstation 4


Playstation fans sony has now gave information on thier next console PS4, Which will be epic in thier history! The console alredy is working on games like infamous: second son, Knack etc. The console works with the PS Vita by working with it remotly like if a person took over your Tv and you still want to play, you can just play on the vita like multiplayer or single player. I think their might need an attchment to do so or not.

Their is a 2 hour long trailer is linked below.